IN ITALY THE TRATTORIA IS an informal family style restaurant or a tavern serving simple hearty fare that’s typical of the region.  Its name comes from the old fashioned term ‘trattore’, or innkeeper, and the modern day verb trattare, or ‘to treat’.

Tables are set up to enhance a feel of togetherness to allow the flow of energy and create bonding amongst guests.

Following the Italian concept that all guests are family a complimentary toast of Andrea Bocelli Prosecco begins your evening.  It’s a way for our owners to say “Welcome. Thank you for being a part of our family and enjoy your experience at Bella Fortuna.”

As we seat our female guests a Bella Fortuna purse hanger is offered.  After all, it has been said that setting a purse on the floor can lead to bad luck.  Our own name refers to ‘beautiful fortune’, or good luck.