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Emmy Award Winning Documentary of Invisible Women Celebrated at Bella Fortuna North on Monday, July 1 with author Jane Fortune

In celebration of the Emmy Award given to Invisible Women,  the PBS documentary that was based on our co-owner Jane Fortune’s book, Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence,  we're planning a dinner in honor of the author and winning of the Emmy Award.

Join us at the restaurant at 5:30 p.m. to begin the celebration.   At 6:00pm, the 30 minute documentary will be shown, and dinner will follow. Jane will introduce the documentary and will answer questions afterwards. Dinner includes multiple courses of our fine Tuscan cuisine, expertly prepared by Executive Chef Josh Linder. Each course will be accompanied by our imported classic Tuscan wines.  The cost is $75 per person plus tax and tip. Reservations are required so please call us at 231-944-2400 right away and join us for this special dinner. 

For a snapshot of what the documentary is about, you can check out a trailer on YouTube by clicking this link.

Bringing attention to the often forgotten and ignored women artists of Florence has long been one of Jane’s passions. She’s taken a leading role in researching women artists in Florence, by uncovering their works, which are stored away, unseen, in various museums throughout the city, and raising funds for their restoration and exhibition.

We hope you can attend the celebration dinner on July 1.  Jane’s books will be available for purchase and she’ll be happy to autograph them for you!  Or, you can also purchase Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence through Amazon by clicking on this link.

Because we are limited to 50 guests, reservations are required. To make reservations call the restaurant at 231-994-2400 or click here to submit reservations online.